March 8, 2018


Rated R

High school student Alex has a premonition that the plane he is boarding will explode, making it nearly impossible to enjoy his complimentary peanuts and airborne diseases. After being dragged off the plane like an overbooked Delta customer, Alex and a few other rowdy students watch from the terminal as the plane goes kablooey seconds after takeoff. The Grim Reeper is apparently not too keen on this turn of events, and for the next 90 minutes each survivor is "accidentally" killed off in progressively grisly ways. Can Alex figure out how to thwart his own demise and still get a little sumthin' sumthin' from Ali Larter before it's too late? Director James Wong deftly weaves teenage angst and gruesome kills into a fun film that will leave popcorn on the floor and smiles on most fans' faces. Followed by four hit-or-miss sequels, Final Destination does teen screams right.
Final Destination Trailer

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