March 22, 2018


Rated R

The boys of Camp Blackfoot prank the sleeping caretaker by placing a flaming skull next to his greasy mattress which happens to be inside a wooden structure full of dry paper and gas cans. In a totally unforeseen turn of events, the cabin burns to a cinder with "Cropsy" still inside, ruining the camp's 26 day "no accident" record. Years later at Camp Stonewater, a shadowy figure armed with rusty sheers and a bad attitude makes it extremely difficult for the horny camp counselors to not die. Fingers are lost, arms are tossed and eyes are glossed as the human topiary piles up all over camp. In a shocking and in no way telegraphed twist, it is revealed that camp counselor Todd was one of the rascals who burned Cropsy into a toasted marshmallow five years earlier. (Apparently the judicial system didn't recognize "turning a person into a charcoal brisket" as manslaughter back then.) Full of plot holes and slasher tropes, this Friday the 13th ripoff is still a pretty likable ride. Worth checking out for Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter before they were stars and for a rafting disaster that makes Deliverance look like Dora the Explorer. The Burning Trailer

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