October 4, 2018


Not Rated

Never one to pass up the opportunity to kill strangers and chop off body parts, Art the Clown grabs his Hefty bag full of rusty blades and hammers and dons his most dapper hat then heads out to wreak Halloween havoc on unsuspecting revelers. Two inebriated party goers encounter the rictus grinned lunatic on the dark street, who in turn follows them to the local pizza parlor. The girls are extremely uncomfortable, both because their slutty costumes are pinching their exposed bosoms and because the creepiest clown on Earth keeps staring at them. The mute killer is eventually kicked out for creating the worst (or best, I'm no critic) avant garde feces painting and before you can say "Pennywise is a poser!" the audience is subjected to scenes of graphic violence so intense Eli Roth would probably cover Dr. Mambo's eyes in disgust. Without anything resembling a plot or character development, this film is a test of endurance recommended for seasoned horror fans only. Because when it comes to Halloween, Art is not clowning around.

                                                                     Terrifier Trailer

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