December 29, 2017


Not Rated

For ex-con Henry, there is no right side of the bed. Every day, unburdened by a conscience or even a good comb, he roams the countryside slaughtering men, women and children with all the emotion of a goth chick on Thorazine. When the oafish Otis is introduced to Henry's slasher shenanigans, the pair leave a trail of viscera that even the Marquis de Sade would find distasteful. Tensions build after Otis' sister Becky enters the scene and is immediately smitten by Henry's dirty wife-beater undershirt and an apparent ability to go days without blinking. Full of splattered tubs, human stubs and a luggage nightmare even United Airlines couldn't top, Henry doesn't just leave an emotional scar. It gives you one. 

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Trailer

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