December 9, 2017


Rated R

While at Mardi Gras, Ben and Marcus take a break from their casual misogyny and a sudden bead obsession to enjoy a nighttime swamp tour. But the college kid who runs the thing makes Gilligan and the Skipper look like Oliver Hazard Perry. Soon the boat is kaput and the tourists are stranded. Stumbling through the swamp they find the home of scary local legend Victor Crowley, who as a kid was caught in a fire, chopped in the face with a hatchet, and forced to wear really big overalls. Hilarity ensues as one by one the tourists are made messily incomplete by the real Crowley, a towering hulk of muscle desperately in need of a haircut who apparently abhors unannounced company. With gags galore, clever dialogue, and a surprisingly coherent story, this throwback to classic 80s horror is a solid entry to the slasher canon.                                            

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